Tara at Home Welcomes Industry Leader

Amy Mayer

“If someone is doing it … it can be done!” A simple statement, but so much more to Amy Mayer.  It’s a mantra that has propelled this industry leader to achieve countless goals and will continue to catapult her to the top with Tara at Home.


Amy admits that when she started in direct sales, she “didn’t have a clue about what she was doing.”  Along her journey it all clicked and she has put together an impressive list of accomplishments!

  • Earned 17 incentive trips, including Las Vegas, Barcelona and Paris
  • Selected as a National Trainer 3 times
  • Keynote Speaker for her previous company’s annual convention
  • Earned every Leadership and Sterling Club
  • Sponsored 150 new consultants in just one month
  • Recognized as a top recruiter and seller at national conventions

She is a driven business woman who is drawn to Tara at Home’s mission.


Tara at Home has everything I could ask for.”


Amy’s Tara at Home team is already 112 strong and her goal is to build to 300 by December.  Her personal goal is to go all the way to the top with Tara at Home and her advice to everyone joining is solid: “This business is a see-saw.  There are two elements, selling and recruiting.  When one stalls, go to the other one.  Just don’t quit!”

Welcome Amy! We look forward to your continued success!