Husband and Wife Duet Hit High Notes

Sheri and Lucien Nocelli

Husband and wife duet hit high notes with a new home-based business opportunity with Tara at Home

Sheri and Lucien Nocelli are partners in the truest sense of that word – life partners as husband/wife and parents to two amazing children; career partners in the ownership of a successful music studio, and most recently launching a direct sales career by joining Tara at Home.


Their decision to join Tara at Home came about after discovering and using Tara’s products for several years and learning that they would become available through Gatherings.  Signing on was, as Sheri put it, “a no brainer.”  They are excited to be a part of this new business venture and Tara at Home is pleased to have them as part of the sales family.

Putting her business background to work, Sheri has developed a sales plan that is one of the keys to her success.  She is one of Tara at Home’s top sellers and has been for the past 3 months, crediting her success to “simply sharing ideas for each piece during my Gatherings.  I don’t think about this as sales, it’s sharing.


I talk about the products and the opportunity every chance I get.” While Sheri is the focal point at all the Gatherings Lucien is there as well, in the background engaging with guests and talking about using the products.  Lucien does the cooking at home and Sheri does the baking – a perfect partnership in the kitchen!


As a survivor of a rare form of leukemia, Sheri beat the odds of less than a 10% chance of survival and sees the world through a positive lens.  Her attitude has contributed to her success over 3 short months, including:

  • 75 personally sponsored new Consultants in the first six months
  • 6-8 Gatherings per month
  • PSV averaging $5,000/month
  • Group volume of $10-15,000/month
  • A customer base clamoring for more Gatherings than she can fit into her busy schedule

Tara at Home welcomes Sheri and Lucien and is proud to partner with this high-energy team!