Tara at Home Welcomes Super Sponsor Jules!

Juleann (Jules) Levin

In today’s fast-paced world of choices and opportunities, Juleann (Jules) Levin is helping others make the choice to bring their family back to the table and find joy and happiness together.  She’s doing it through sponsoring and sharing all the advantages of a career with Tara at Home.


As a relative newcomer to the direct selling world (just 18 months in total), Jules discovered Tara at Home while attending a party at a neighbor’s house in June of 2016.  The table was laden with stoneware and Jules was captivated! She joined in July and made the decision on September 1st to build a team, and build she has!

  • Since September 1st Jules has sponsored 20 new Consultants
  • She signs on average 2 new Consultants from every Gathering she holds
  • She is scheduling 6 Gatherings per month
  • The average attendance at her Gatherings is 15

Her secret?  She draws extra attention to the fact that Tara at Home is a new company and a true ground floor opportunity.  Her belief in the Tara at Home mission is the real reason she is signing so many people.


Jules has been married for 6 years to husband Adam and has two sons ages 4 and 2.  As a labor and delivery nurse she is away from her family on weekends and she wants to change that.  Her goal is to be able to retire from nursing and put her family first 100% of the time.  She has a strong, abiding faith which supports her through all things and the Tara at Home mission spoke to her heart.  It’s the one thing that “separated Tara at Home from all other direct selling companies.”


Jules’ journey has just begun and if her first month is any indication; she will reach her goal of retirement in record time!  We are pleased to welcome Jules to our sales family and look forward to watching her team grow! 

Tara at Home Welcomes Super Sponsor Jules!