Meet The Team

Tara Tesher
FOunder & Chief Executive Officer

For Tara Tesher the message is clear, meal time is magic. For over 15 years she has been inspiring people to bring joy and happiness to others and in turn themselves by helping them gather more. That simple thought rooted in her upbringing has created a movement launching 3 companies, 100s of millions of pieces sold in over 6 countries.

How does she gather? Any way she possibly can – everyday can feel like a special holiday. Her recipe – great dishes, feel good food and those she loves the most…

Get the Dish on Tara:

  • Tara’s husband Ed is not only her soul mate but her very best friend
  • The way to Tara’s heart is a bag of Doritos and double stuffed Oreos
  • Tara loves yoga – physically and mentally it’s how she centers herself
  • Tara has 4 dogs from 6lbs to 70lbs
  • Tara is petrified of spiders – truly

    Kelly Newcomer
    Chief Operating Officer

    Kelly has 10+ years of experience in the Direct Selling industry from public, private and private equity owned business models. Most recently, she was Head of Field Development for Stella & Dot leading the way to support the business efforts of the independent sales force. This included training, incentives, programs, recognition, events, communication and coaching. She was also sales and marketing focused at Avon, Univera and Arbonne leading high-performance teams and responsible for overseeing strategy and execution of initiatives to drive consultant earnings.

    Previously to helping change lives through the Direct Selling business model, Kelly honed her analytical skills as a paralegal and her marketing acumen by helping grow and transform small, independent businesses through branding and advertising campaigns.  Kelly received her Bachelor’s Degree Magda Cum Laude in International Relations from the University of San Diego.

    How does she gather?  Entertaining family and friends in her home—from cocktail hour to backyard BBQs, it doesn’t matter the time of year or time of day, she loves having them all together for a good time!

    Get the Dish on Kelly:

    • Kelly drinks her coffee black
    • Kelly will never turn down an opportunity to go to a major league baseball game, it is America’s pastime after all…
    • Kelly hasn’t eaten a potato chip since 6th grade. Her older sister, Cyndi, bet her that she couldn’t “eat just one…for the rest of her life!”
    • Kelly has lived in California, Washington, New York and Pennsylvania. A short stint in Italy in college also makes the list
    • Kelly’s favorite meal is her mom’s slow cooked, country style pork ribs…mmm, mmm, good!

Joy Gathers
Director of Marketing

A seasoned Buyer in the home category, Joy Gathers jumped into her Marketing role with Tara at Home with an intuitive vision and passionate nature.  Joy is continuously inspired by the people she partners with both internally and externally and loves nothing more than marketing products to help friends and loved ones gather together.  #whenjoygathers

How does she gather? Joy married a gourmet chef (or at least she thinks so!) who LOVES to entertain.  They welcome friends and family into their home for any and all occasions, whether it be a Friday night pizza party catering to their boys and their adorable little friends, or just a casual night around the fire pit!  Last minute gatherings always end up being the most fun!  And, her amazing husband always finds a way to cook enough for the entire neighborhood!

Get the Dish on Joy:

  • Joy’s favorite meal is breakfast.  It’s the one time, before the craziness of the day kicks in, that she gathers around the table with her family
  • Joy ends every day with a dance party with her 2 and 4 year old boys
  • Joy’s bucket list includes whale watching & a trip to Disney World with her two boys
  • Joy is a compulsive cleaner.  Her husband always reminds her they don’t live in a museum
  • Joy went to school to teach Special Education

Bill Gleason
Manager of Analytics

Bill joined the Tara at Home team nearly two years ago as the Manager of Analytics. Bill has a passion for finding and analyzing data that can be turned into actionable insights to help Tara at Home and its independent business owners perform at their peak.

How does he gather? For Bill, gathering is all about the people he is with, although great food and a beautiful setting never hurt! Family and friends have always been extremely important to Bill, so he always cherishes the moments when he can surround himself with those I care most about. Now, back to the great food he mentioned earlier. Bill LOVES to eat, which is one of the many reasons that Tara at Home’s belief about gathering back around the table resonates so much with him.

Get the Dish on Bill:

  • Bill studied both Biochemistry and Finance in college
  • Bill is a huge sports fan, especially college sports, golf, and Formula 1
  • Bill has at least one piece of dark chocolate every day
  • Bill loves to play guitar – everything from rock to blues to jazz, just no country music!
  • According to Bill, Larry David is without a doubt the funniest human being to ever walk this planet 

Sarah Pathmanathan
Director of Field Development

Sarah joins Tara at Home with over 10 years of experience supporting and training independent business owners in social selling.  While working in customer care at her first job in the industry, she found a growing passion for helping others find success on their own terms and she’s never looked back! She went on to build her career on the foundation of helping others find belief in themselves and finds joy in the opportunity to reward them for it.

How does she gather? Casually and spur of the moment! Whether there is a concert in the park, a great restaurant she hasn’t tried or just snuggling in for a movie. She just likes to gather close with her people and enjoy each other’s company, whatever the setting!

Get the Dish on Sarah:

  • Sarah is the mother of a beautiful and crazy fun, 1-year old boy!
  • Sarah met her husband 20 years ago playing “Tetris” on the Internet
  • Sarah can solve the Rubik’s cube in under a minute, though she’s a bit rusty these days!
  • At 3-years old, Sarah declared she would be “A Seller of the Tupperware” when she grew up…little did she know!
  • The longest Sarah lived somewhere was 5 years in Honolulu, HI! (Navy Brat)

Nicole Rogers
Manager of Marketing and Events

Nicole Rogers is our Manager of Marketing and Events. Having over five years’ experience in the event coordination field Nicole brings a blend of fun and organization to the Tara at Home team. Coming from the events world, gathering people together is in Nicole’s nature so Tara at Home was a natural fit. When Nicole is not planning Tara at Home events she manages Tara at Home’s social strategy and customer communications, working to bring Tara at Home’s Mission, product and opportunity to everyone’s fingertips. Nicole is always one to stop and smell the roses…or at least snap a photo of them 😉

How does she gather? Loud…gathering at Nicole’s house normally consists of cheering on sports teams (GO EAGLES), music playing and lots of laughter. Besides the Holidays, gathering at Nicole’s house generally consists of takeout and/or easy to prepare meals, this allows for Nicole and her boyfriend to spend the most time with their loved ones. In Nicole’s mind, it does not need to be fancy…it just needs to be delicious.

Get the Dish on Nicole:

  • Nicole originally studied to be a Zoo Keeper, however ended up with a Business Degree
  • Her love for animals runs deep and she has two rescue Pitbulls, Remi & Stache, and a rescue cat, Issabella
  • Nicole loves art, both of her parents were artists so it’s in her blood. When she was 12 years old her art was published in a children’s math book
  • The Dining Room Table used on the front cover of the new catalog is Nicole’s dining room table from her childhood. When she moved to her first home her mom gave it to her, she has since refinished it but it still holds all her precious memories
  • Nicole’s comfort food is Sushi and after a long week her perfect night involves Sushi, a couch and a good movie

Karim Wilson
Tara at Home Accountant

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Karim has a Master’s degree in Finance and enjoys playing basketball with friends in his spare time.

How does he gather?  Karim enjoys his weekly Sunday gatherings watching football with his best buds!

Get the dish on Karim:

  • Karim loves playing video games
  • Karim watches cartoons every night
  • Karim does everything left handed except writing
  • Karim played college basketball
  • Karim loves pasta