Shane McKinley

Tara at Home Independent Consultant

Shane McKinley is a Tara at Home Consultant and full-time mother to 2 beautiful babies with a 3rd coming soon. Being a Consultant has given her the flexibility to be mom while helping contribute to the family finances and the opportunity to become a leader again and fill a void that was left when she got out of the Army.


What inspired you to become a Tara at Home Consultant?

Tara’s mission of bringing people together and helping families to sit down for meals without technology really resonated with me. Cooking is not my favorite thing to do, so having tools to help me to establish the importance of family meals with my children was very appealing to me! Becoming a Consultant with Tara also offered me an opportunity to become a leader again, providing me an amazing way to teach my children, but also to fill a void that was left when I got out of the Army.


How did you get started with Tara at Home?

Amy Mayer, who is also a Consultant, is my pretty awesome Aunt who has helped me realize that taking time for myself is very important for both myself and for my family. So, when I had an opportunity to continue learning from her professionally and personally, it was an easy yes.


What has been your experience with Tara at Home?

I’ve had a very positive experience with Tara. When I do the work and follow the recipe, I’ve always found success! I took several months off during my current pregnancy when I was feeling pretty awful, but appreciated that everyone actually meant your pace, your way. I never felt pressured to do more than I could at the time and was welcomed back with opened arms once I was ready!


What have your Tara at Home earnings allowed you to do?*

The commission I have earned has relieved some financial stress with baby #3 coming soon! The free product has enhanced my business because it has allowed me to offer hostess gifts as well as allowed me to have the beautiful pieces in my own home to strengthen my own belief in the product! I haven’t yet taken advantage of the trips, but I love to have something to work towards, so am excited to earn them down the road.


How has Tara at Home changed your life?

Tara has changed my life by offering opportunity and hope for our family. It has offered me much needed adult conversation, a way to contribute financially to our family and has lifted a weight off of my husband’s shoulders knowing that I will work to relieve some of the pressure he feels to provide for our growing family. I truly believe that my success with Tara will allow me to have as many kids as we want…though we’ll just add one at a time! I’m also incredibly excited and thankful for the leadership opportunities ahead of me and knowing that I can be a part of changing other lives!

What’s your next big goal and how are you going to achieve it?

Our 3rd baby is due in 3 weeks, so one of my immediate goals is to continue to find ways that I can establish a routine that is consistent and maintainable. My goal for this month is to make Associate and I plan to use the amazing incentives that Tara is offering this month to do that! After that, my big goal is to achieve the rank of Manager. I would like to do this by following the recipe of 4-6 Gatherings a month and growing my team by 1-2 new Consultants each month. I know that following this recipe will allow me to reach this goal and then maintain it month after month. In addition to adding a new kiddo to our family, we also have a big move coming up, so I will be working to strengthen my network in Oklahoma and build a new one in Kansas City! A lot of change, but a lot of new opportunities.


What is the one Tara at Home product you could not live without and why?

Probably the 13×9 Baker and Unlimit-lid®. We use them daily and they continue to amaze me. The time that I save prepping and cleaning can be spent with my kids and that’s priceless.


What else should we know about you?

I’m the 2nd of 5 kids. I’ve been married for 10 years to a pretty awesome guy. I served for 4 years in the Army and deployed to Iraq. I have 2 beautiful babies with a 3rd coming soon. My family is my world and I want to help Tara change lives.


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*Earnings and time invested are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a Tara at Home Independent Consultant can or will achieve. Your success and actual earnings may vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level and other factors.