Rebecca Penolio

Tara at Home Independent Consultant

Rebecca Penolio is a Tara at Home Consultant and full-time PE teacher. She’s a devoted, borderline obsessive volleyball fan, especially when one of her 3 grown children are playing or coaching. Her next big Tara at Home goal? Earning a trip to Jamaica for her and her husband, Joe, of 30 years!


What inspired you to become a Tara at Home Consultant?

My good friend and now fellow Consultant, Amy Mayer, met Tara Tesher and the amazing Home Office team and when she came back she called and said “You’ve got to do this! They’re incredible and their Mission will really hit home with you.” She was right! I loved the product immediately and the Mission of Tara at Home hit home with me instantly. My husband, Joe and I have raised our children to value family above everything else. Meal time and the opportunity to share our daily news with each other and ALWAYS several extra guests has been the norm for us all their lives.

What has been your experience with Tara at Home?

The personal connections that our CEO & Founder, Tara Tesher, our COO Kelly Newcomer, and the entire Home Office team make a priority with each and every Consultant and their significant others is incredible! Knowing that they want success for all of us and believe, even before we do sometimes, that we can and will have what we want from this business is an incredible testament to the character of the company.


What have your Tara at Home earnings allowed you to do?*

The commissions I have earned thus far have allowed me to create a savings that is set aside for a home of our own. We gave up our home and all that it provides to us as a family when my father in law needed live in full time care. The incentives provide motivation and are beyond generous! Earning the weekend trip to NYC for two was a dream come true for me! I was able to treat my husband, Joe, to an adventure. He got to enjoy it and be spoiled without a worry or care of finances. Every detail we could have imagined was perfection! The friendships we made and solidified will be lifelong. Genuine and real people spoiling us beyond our imagination.


How has Tara at Home changed your life?

There’s a sense of pride in accomplishing even the smallest of goals and in developing the self-confidence to continue to build and grow a business that will touch so many more families. Things I had decided were just not going to be possible are now going to happen in our life.


What’s your next big goal and how are you going to achieve it?

Promoting my team to Sr. Manager! We achieved Manager which earned the trip for 1 to Jamaica but going without my Joe isn’t an option. That phone that sometimes seems to weigh 100 lbs. seems lighter when you want something bad enough!

What one piece of advice would you give to someone thinking about being a Consultant?

JUST DO IT! You’ve got nothing to lose and we’ve got you! Incredible Mission, solid company, training, support and a business of your own to build a life you only dreamed of.


What’s a fun fact about you?

I have a Plumeria Tree farm and have 50 or more different varieties and over 170 trees. Kind of obsessed 😉


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*Earnings and time invested are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a Tara at Home Independent Consultant can or will achieve. Your success and actual earnings may vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level and other factors.