Valerie Lewis

Tara at Home Independent Consultant

Valerie Lewis is a Tara at Home Consultant and die-hard fan of our stoneware and how easy it makes it to stay committed to healthy eating. With her Tara at Home Business, she’s been able to add to her retirement fund and save for special occasions while gathering with people and making beautiful memories along the way. She likes to call it her “un-job” that she loves the best because it’s too much fun to be called a job!

What inspired you to become a Tara at Home Consultant?

The product, I loved it the moment I saw it! I signed up to be a consultant that day.

What has been your experience with Tara at Home?

Just WOW! From the top down, this company is amazing! From the training opportunities to the customer service, everyone is great. Sharing this opportunity has been such an exciting experience. Everyone who hosts or attends a Gathering is so in love with these products. Once they use them, they are ready for more!

What have your Tara at Home earnings allowed you to do?*

I am adding to my retirement account as well as saving for Christmas and special occasions. Looking forward to earning my first trip to Jamaica!

How has Tara at Home changed your life?

After 31 years with the same company my job ended. It was disheartening to look for jobs where my skills and experience were either not needed or appreciated, in addition to very low salary offerings. Tara at Home has offered me the opportunity to grow my own business with unlimited potential – truly a ground floor opportunity!

What’s your next big goal and how are you going to achieve it?

My next goal is to reach the level of Manager and earn a trip to Jamaica! I’m focused on sharing Tara at Home with as many people as possible, booking 4-6 Gatherings per month, and growing and inspiring my team.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone thinking about being a Consultant?

Tara at Home is so different than any other social selling company I have experience with. They provide such great training and support. It can truly make anyone’s dream a reality – whether it is big or small.

What is the one Tara at Home product you could not live without and why?

I absolutely cannot live without my 13×9 Bakers. I cook and bake for large family gatherings as well as for just my husband and me. It is my go to baker. We are a family of vegetarians and some of the dishes I make don’t have much fat in them. My Tara at Home baker never fails with the natural non-stick property of the stoneware.

What is your best product tip?

The rammies are great for portion control. Making individual desserts in them ensures no over-serving of portions like we do in a larger bowl.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I enjoy taking tea. In fact, I belong to a tea society. We meet once per month in each other’s homes or go out to a tea room. Drinking tea from a beautiful tea cup while enjoying a beautifully set table and the friendship of others is such a wonderful way to connect. I think that is why I love Tara at Home so much – gathering with family and friends enjoying the table set with beautiful Tara at Home products. What a wonderful way to make memories.

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*Earnings and time invested are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a Tara at Home Independent Consultant can or will achieve. Your success and actual earnings may vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level and other factors.