Holiday Entertaining Tips with Tara Tesher

Founder & CEO, Tara Tesher

The holiday season is in full swing, which means office functions, dinners and holiday parties. Whether you are the host or a guest you may have to do a little bit of holiday preparation. Tara at Home’s Founder and CEO, Tara Tesher has a few holiday tricks up her sleeve that make entertaining a breeze.


Over the top centerpieces can be cumbersome and obstruct conversations around the table. Try floating candles in rammies for a festive accent that won’t be in the way. Plus, they are very easy to make!

Delight guests with a party favor and let them take a centerpiece home.


The scents of the Holidays are warm and welcoming, you don’t need a candle to achieve the aroma. Fill rammies with bowls of fragrant pieces such as cinnamon or pine and display them throughout your home.


It’s the little touches that become the most meaningful when hosting a gathering. Homemade gourmet butters are an easy to prepare delight that leaves a lasting impression. Add a pantry packet to 8oz. of butter and transform an ordinary spread into a gourmet feast.


Meaningful gifts don’t need to break the bank. Pairing stoneware with baked goods or special homemade treats will go a long way. Simply add a bow and name tag and you are good to go. The key is to make it personal.

Add some biscotti to a mug for a perfect treat or fill a rammie with some seasoned nuts for a delicious gift.

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