Why are there color variations in Tara at Home™ stoneware?
Part of the charm of Tara at Home™ is that each piece is unique. After the glazing and firing process, there may be natural color variations making each piece unique and different.

What is the black spot on my Tara at Home™ stoneware?
All ceramics naturally contain certain amounts of mineral deposits in the clay. During the firing process, some of these mineral deposits turn a dark color and may appear as a spot on the surface of your item. These spots do not affect the performance of your product in any way.

Is Tara at Home™ stoneware lead-safe?
Tara at Home™ porcelain, stoneware, china and earthenware products meet all federal and state government standards for lead safety. All Tara at Home™ products are tested for lead safety by accredited independent laboratories before they are shipped to the U.S.


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